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  • Wendy P.

    Wendy P.

    Posted 01/18/2015 00:00
    on Yelp

    Love the docs here. Just found out one of my pets is obese and have been feeding her wrong for years! They provided me with good info, an article and a resource to find out more info. Very helpful

  • Cara S.

    Cara S.

    Posted 12/22/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    Excellent care for our two dogs and two cats. Staff is very professional and kind.

  • Heather B.

    Heather B.

    Posted 10/31/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    I am so grateful to Kristin Rosenquist for referring me to RFAH. After meeting the staff and Dr. J, I knew Bella would be in good hands. I immediately made the decision to switch animal hospitals. Isabella and I are lucky to be Dr. J's care. Thank you!

  • Tallie T.

    Tallie T.

    Posted 09/25/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    RFAH has a great staff. The counter folks are responsive and accommodating. The Doctors are efficient and knowledgeable. Prices are not insignificant, however, I get what I pay for.

  • Ciara C.

    Ciara C.

    Posted 05/22/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    Been bringing my yorkie here since he was a pup, I love these guys! So professional, caring and gentle with my little guy! He's very timid around new people and they are so loving and patient with him. Thank you guys so much!

  • Amy M.

    Amy M.

    Posted 03/01/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    This is really one of the best vets I've ever been a repeat client at. We've had to take my sweet little Eloise in twice now, and both times the visits absolutely exceeded my expectations. Everyone is very kind and thorough, and the best part is they don't keep you waiting! We took Elly in today as she's been throwing up worms. An easy fix, she just needs to be dewormed, but even better the entire visit only took about 15 minutes. The prices are incredibly reasonable as well. We will definitely be a client as long as we live in the area!

  • Shadrach M.

    Shadrach M.

    Posted 02/03/2014 00:00
    on Yelp

    The entire staff here is amazing.. They always help me with appointments as my schedule , and chewy's (my 2yr old pit mix) is always crazy... The entire staff is always really nice. Chewy is never nervous or afraid when he comes for a visit... They are reasonably priced especially for the care attention and hospitality... I am glad I found them online...

  • Greg M.

    Greg M.

    Posted 12/31/2013 00:00
    on Yelp

    I'm not sure where to even begin with the positive comments. I moved to Oak Park in July 2012 and started taking my then 14 year old Labrador to River Forest. I saw Dr. Caroline Menghini on my initial visit and she was great. I'd spent a lot of money on my old guy down in the city. Thousands of dollars to figure out what's wrong with a 15 year old dog (I know a total waste). But she immediately understood my situation. And did not push for chemo / ultra sounds, etc with a full understanding of the situation. She started him on an anti-biotic to help with some urinary problems and I left there feeling really good. Later that evening (time stamp of her email was 8:05 p.m. well after hours), she emailed me with some research she had done showing that anti-biotic (ciproflaxin) was found to have anti-cancer properties in lab studies. For that reason, I believe I was able to get another 6 months of quality life for my guy. And when it came time, she reassured me it was time / that he was in a lot of pain and I was given all the time I needed with him on that day. She was very understanding and the entire staff seemed sad / sympathetic to Castor's condition. I won't talk about that too much other than to say I got a hand written sympathy card from Dr. M a few weeks later. So kudos to Dr. M and the entire staff for running a great place that cares about the animals and the owners and goes extra miles for our furry friends.

  • Elise P.

    Elise P.

    Posted 04/08/2013 00:00
    on Yelp

    I've been using this vet for most of my life. I was just there today, and they are always so nice. They really care about the animals and will help you with anything you need. I tend to worry a lot, and they are great with explaining everything to me. I live in the city, but drive all the way to River Forest just to use this vet. Highly recommended!

  • Jean Ann V.

    Jean Ann V.

    Posted 07/13/2012 00:00
    on Yelp

    This is without a doubt the best vet I've ever been to! My dog I'd usually super scared at the vet, but he loved both the place and the people. The doc presented all of the treatment options for my dog's heart murmur (along with the costs) and then told me his recommendations. My dog also needed vaccinations. He discussed each with me and we decided (together) which one's would really be of benefit. As long as I live in Oak Park, I will be a loyal customer! Did I mention the prices are reasonable?